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About Us

Born out of the love for making great spirits we started our journey in August of 2012 in Clive, Iowa. Turning our stills on for the first time was an amazing feeling but not as much as seeing our first product on the shelf. Dehner Distillery is the company name and our soul lives in the people that work here and products we make. We would love to tell you we are a massive company but it is only 3 of us that run the whole show. When you try or buy one of our products you can be sure you are supporting local. You will also know that we take pride in every single bottle that comes out of our distillery.

Candy Corn Whiskey Tasting Notes:

    When you first open the bottle you may find a nice "pop" of the cork greeting you saying "Hello new friend". On the nose first you will notice a soft aromatic presence of vanilla, nutmeg, almond, oak, allspice, and lavender. More on the nose you will pickup the sweetness that comes from real cane sugar. All of these scents will make you think of the wonderful memories of the Candy Corn as we all know and love.
    As you sit there with the Candy Corn Whiskey poured in your favorite glass plain / "neat", or on the rocks taking your first sip is a treat in its self. You will taste the sweetness along with vanilla, and a dash of almond and not far behind is the smooth whiskey. Our special hand selected whiskey, adding just enough complexity to the whole drink while enhancing your over all Candy Corn experience.
Be smart and enjoy responsibly.

**There are no ALLERGENS, or NUTS in Candy Corn Whiskey**
**All Flavors are 100% natural** We don't use any fake junk!
Clinking Whiskey Glasses

Current states where you can
Candy Corn Whiskey.

North Dakota
South Dakota

More coming soon!!  :)

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